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Through efficient recovery and recycling, Sittingbourne Waste aims to maximize the volume of recyclable waste. We do this with long-term results in mind such as having a better climate and cleaner environment for generations to come. We have feasible and tailored options available for all of our clients, from collection to disposal. We are also able to collect confidential shredded waste and recycle it. To learn more, contact us on 01795 250 370 or fill in the form on your right hand side to get an obligation free quote. 

Paper Recycling in The UK

The most important raw material for the UK paper and board sector is recovered paper (used paper), which accounts for more than 70% of the fibre used to make paper and board in 2019. This translates to the collection of 3.1 million tonnes of paper and cardboard materials. A few of the papers that can be recycled include newspapers, cardboard, packaging, stationery, greeting cards, catalogs, and cardboard. It is important to keep these papers separate from other household waste, since papers contaminated with food waste or broken glass cannot be recycled easily.

Compared to landfilling or incinerating waste paper and cardboard, recycling them emits fewer greenhouse gases. Paper and cardboard waste is a great material for recycling; did you know that manufacturing new paper from recycled stock uses 70% less energy than making new paper from fresh pulp? The paper and cardboard we collect  are 100% recycled.

Every one of our clients receives a custom waste management and paper recycling solution. Regardless of the size of your industry, our waste management services are tailored specifically to meet your needs so that we can provide the very best service. Each business we work with undergoes an initial waste audit in order to develop the most cost-effective waste and recycling solution for that business.

The Importance of Paper Recycling 

It is imperative to recycle waste paper so as not to harm the environment. Paper recycling not only saves trees, which is vital to our planet’s sustainability, but it also saves a great deal of water and other natural resources, and it requires considerably less energy to manufacture. Therefore, recycling is unquestionably the more environmentally friendly choice. 

Most industries generate waste paper, but the amount of waste is dependent on the nature of your business. In contrast to industrial or construction firms, an office-based workplace usually generates a lot more waste paper or shredded paper. Whenever you use paper, you create paper waste, and we have a solution for this for any business. To implement a successful waste and recycling strategy, businesses must manage paper waste effectively. Paper waste management lowers waste disposal costs while ensuring a duty of care is upheld.

How Does Sittingbourne Waste Help You Manage Your Paper Waste?

Because we are a well-established company with over 30 years of experience in the waste management industry, we are able to provide your business with a hassle-free paper recycling solution. With our commercial waste management options, we will supply you with the necessary paper recycling containers and collection services. To help protect sensitive information, we offer industrial shredders for use on documents with sensitive information. Contact us today for a competitive quote that is customized to your needs. Our waste management services can provide your company with dependable, cost-effective waste management solutions. Call us on 01795 250 370. 

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