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Medical Sack Holders Sittingbourne

Disease control within Healthcare Environments is now a priority over recent years with the rise of superbugs like MRSA. Due to years of supplying sack holders to the NHS and a close working relationship with our customers, Sittingbourne Waste Management designs its products round the opinions given. Our two main healthcare ranges (Premium Metal & Supreme Plastic) have specially designed features to help prevent the spread of disease in this kind of environment with hospital infection control in the heart of our sack holders design.

Features including:

Off the wall design: All Sittingbourne Waste Management sack holders are made to stay clear of the wall, preventing damage and assisting hospital infection control. Damaged sections of walls are extremely difficult to clean and can harbour bacteria. In addition, the cost of repair can run into tens of thousands. At one conference a SBW representative was told of over 10,000 costs in repairing a wall in a new build hospital which had used inferior sack holders. Our sack holders are made to make use of the base and non-marking wheels to maintain the rest of the bin clear of the wall.

Easi-clean design: Our sack holders have been designed around being simple to clean and have few areas where filth can gather. The new Ultimate EVO bin is a perfect example. Internally it’s totally sealed so cannot leak but there aren’t any lips where disease and dirt can hide.

Hushed Final Alternative: This option reduces the rate the lid shuts making the operation of the bin more silent which is often a requirement in Healthcare regions. The Ultimate Sack Holder range has silent closing units as normal with them elective on the Premium Metal range.

AntiMicrobial Paint Alternative: This option helps hospital infection control as it adds an antibacterial component to the paint within our products which helps prevent the spread of bacteria. This really is accessible on our Premium Metal Sack Holder variety.

Hands Free Lids: All these are made to sit down inside the framework near the top of the sackholder which stops anyone touching or opening the lid by hand. This really is an disease control strategy and leaves the unit only operable by the foot pedal. All SWM Sack Holders have foot pedals as standard. Hands Free lids are standard on most of the Best Plastic Sack Holders and accessible in all styles and sizes in the Premium Metal Range.

Easi-clean Bungee Tote Holder:

Designed to sit across the outside the top of the sackholder and hold the bag in position. SWM bungees are specially made to be readily cleaned due to a special sheathing (comprising polyester, nylon & multifilament polypropylene). This helps hospital infection control and makes them incredibly hard wearing.

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