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Commercial Waste Management Ashford

Ashford is a town in the English county of Kent. It is located on the Great Stour at the southern or scarp edge of the North Downs, approximately 98 kilometers southeast of central London and 24.6 kilometers northwest of Folkestone. It has a population of 74,204 people according to the 2011 census.This town market dates to centuries of years back.  In 1243, King Henry III granted Ashford a charter to hold a livestock market, which greatly enhanced the town’s status as an agricultural and market town. In the 13th and 14th centuries, Potter’s Corner at Potter’s Corner was home to the town’s principal pottery works. Today, Ashford has everything you’d expect from a city while also offering the best of both worlds.

The location of Ashford on the M20 corridor allows for quick access to the rest of Kent, the rest of the UK, and across the English Channel, and the expansion of Junction 10a with a £104 million project is expected to boost the town’s growth. A relaxed pace of life, plenty of fresh air and open space, excellent schools and universities, and an enticing shopping and entertainment scene… Ashford has everything a town should have. However, when it comes to waste management, Ashford  is still lacking a little bit behind and at Sittingbourne Waste Management, we are trying to avoid any further waste related issues. The waste collection services provided by Sittingbourne Waste in Ashford are designed to help businesses remain on top of their waste management. Besides waste collection for businesses of all sizes, we also provide hazardous waste collection, recycling services, and skip hire for businesses wishing to dispose of a greater volume of heavy waste. This should be able to save businesses money while also improving the company’s environmental attitude. 

Commercial Waste Collection Ashford

We understand that businesses must find a collection solution that meets their needs and the amount of waste they generate while also conforming to the guidelines and regulations of Ashford city council. Furthermore, it is the UK’s government regulation that businesses must hire a waste management company to take care of their waste. Our company may provide businesses with a thorough consultation and waste audit to help them understand exactly what they need and whether they may need hazardous waste services, food waste removal, or skip hire. We do all of this to reduce the carbon footprint of your company and avoid disposal in a landfill.

From the County Square, where you’ll find all your high street brands and appealing independent and chain stores, to Elwick Place, which adds more restaurants, a cinema, and a hotel right in the heart of the town, to special events like Splashes of Summer and the Ashford Snowdogs Arts Trail, as well as the annual Create Festival, our waste collection services are available to all and every kind of businesses that are available in Ashford. Our location provides easy access to all businesses in and around Ashford, making recycling and waste collection more efficient. We not only serve local businesses and industries, but we also serve businesses and industries across the country, eliminating the need for more landfill space.

Commercial Waste Management Ashford

In order to maximise the amount of recyclable waste, Sittingbourne Waste strives to recover and recycle waste efficiently. In doing so, we aim to achieve long-term effects, such as a cleaner environment for future generations and a better climate. We offer a variety of convenient and customised options from collection to disposal. Additionally, we can recycle shredded confidential waste. If you would like more information, call 01795 250 370 or fill out the form on the right for a free estimate.

Recycling difficulties were a significant focus when Ashford’s waste services were updated a few years ago. That’s why Sittingbourne Waste is committed to assisting your business in properly recycling and adhering to the council’s rules. We can collect as often as needed and assist with recycling waste segregation so that all recycling bins are used to their full capacity. You can talk about recycling choices and learn more about how to do it properly, making your company more environmentally conscientious while also saving money! We are committed to help all companies achieve ‘zero waste landfill,’ which implies that all of their waste does not go to landfills.  However, we’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services to the residents of Ashford. Please visit:

Ashford Waste Recycling Centre

Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate,

Brunswick Road,


TN23 1EL

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