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Cardboard is one of the most widely recycled materials in the UK.  Choosing the correct certified partner for your cardboard waste management may be a minefield, as can ensuring that waste is properly disposed of. It is critical for your company to dispose of waste in an environmentally sustainable manner. We can assist you. You can call us on 01795 250 370.

Our experts will analyse your cardboard waste and come up with the best recycling and disposal options for you. We’ll collaborate closely with you to develop a recycling and waste diversion strategy that saves money, creates revenue, protects public health, and promotes sustainability in your business. Let’s band together and do some good in our neighbourhood.

What is Cardboard Recycling?

Cardboard comes in two varieties: corrugated and paperboard, both of which can be recycled. Multiple layers of corrugated cardboard are used to form a sturdy and durable packaging material. Paperboard is a lightweight material that is only slightly thicker than standard paper and is commonly used for cereal boxes and shoe boxes. Once you’ve tossed your cardboard into the recycling bin, it becomes waste. In terms of the environment, it is always preferable to reduce and reuse before recycling. Cardboard, especially corrugated cardboard, is a moderately durable material that may be used and reused in a variety of ways.

However, recycling cardboard is superior to producing cardboard from new materials (‘virgin’ trees) in every aspect. Energy savings differ between estimates, but from a general standpoint, it is generally believed that cardboard made from recycled materials can save 25%- 50% of energy. Recycling cardboard also requires up to 99 percent less water and 70% to 100% less virgin material. By using recycled materials in the UK, emissions associated with importing resources from overseas are reduced. We can’t supply enough paper and cardboard in a sustainable way using the 12% of UK landmass that is forested. Recyclable materials are already present in the country, so there is no barrier to recycling.

How is Cardboard Recycled?

Paper recycling techniques include sorting, shredding, pulping, filtration, drying, pressing, and rolling, which depend on the recycler and the paper manufacturer. The best way to make sure that your cardboard recycling is handled is to partner with a professional company. This will ensure that you won’t encounter any large builds-up or run into issues with the law. 

To be recycled, cardboard will need to be collected from your premises and then transported to the recycling centre. On arrival at the recycling facility, the cardboard boxes will have to be sorted. A lot depends on the type of cardboard used, primarily boxboard and corrugated board. Corrugated boxes are usually larger and are often used to hold bigger and heavier products.

After they have been sorted, they are baled. In this process, cardboard balers take the boxes and crush them into compact, easy-to-handle bales. To make paper fibres, they are shredded and combined with water at a high speed at the recycling centres. Thismixture is called pulp.

To remove plastic, dirt, and staples from the pulp, it is cleaned and screened, and then heated to remove ink and glue. To release the ink, the pulp is frequently treated with chemicals and heat.

The cleaned pulp is mixed with lesser amounts of papermaking ingredients after being diluted with water. The resulting paper is then used to make new boxes, egg cartons, newspapers, and other paper and cardboard products.

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